I'm ashley and hey.
My blog is mainly Stargate with occasional Merlin and Supernatural and Sanctuary.
And I believe Amanda Tapping is perfection.

I grew up watching Stargate SG-1 which is why I love it so much. I also like SGA but never really got into SGU. I'm currently watching supernatural for the first time I'm in season six.
Sidenote: Don't know who made this background I love it. It definitely wasn't me, so credit goes where credit is do.
and my other blog on this account is ashleymoose fyi
I have lost the falatus to speak properly.
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And blow the last chance I might ever have to be right?
- Enemies | Stargate SG-1 | s05e01

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Sam/Jack kisses

(via im-talking-physics-sir)


THEY DID@?!>!?!!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Sam/Jack kisses

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When i was in the car, the top 500 were playing on the radio and a Bon Jovi song came on. My dad and brother were all like, “Ugh, why are they so high up on the list?”

I decided to seize the moment and say,


And then, like a personal little reward, Carry On Wayward Son came on next.

*slow clap*

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I blame the writers and cast of the Stargate franchise for my sarcasm and humor.

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this describes a lot of Rodney’s work

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Remember when…


"In a DVD interview, Amanda Tapping said that while filming her scenes with Thor, the puppet’s arm touched her bottom. She slapped and then apologized to Thor before she realized she was talking to a puppet."

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A little something for the 10 year anniversary :)


A little something for the 10 year anniversary :)

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Happy 10 Year Anniversary

Made for the SGA… 10 Years Later Fest.

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Stargate - Ancient language translation

(While translating the writing on the wall in the temple)
Carter: "Midday the darkness is high in the sky"? You sure about that?
Jacob: (Selmak) That is what it says.
Carter: It doesn't make much sense.
Jacob: Yeah, well, neither does "the wind blows on the pillow" or "three days to the chicken".
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sam gets trapped on a planet and encounters  a device where the locals are all “oh just think of home and you’ll be transported there it’s ok” and she has trouble when she thinks of her physical house and the locals are like “well when we mean home we mean that it has to have a deep personal connection to you” and she really thinks about home and tries for a second time and it works!!

but she ends up getting tranpsorted right in front of jack o’neill

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Richard Dean Anderson being awesome on Don’t trust the B in apartment 23. 

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